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Getting people ready to perform, that is what it’s all about. Those who can walk, can also dance; those who can speak, can sing. You have to believe in yourself, and when you believe you can, magic happens. Your thoughts and feelings are very important because they tell your body what to do. First see in your mind what you want to do, and when you see and feel it, let go and sing with conviction and love.

The unique combination of the bel canto technique and becoming aware of your emotional mind gives great results. The results of this method is so successful because it is an effective way to make every singer more quickly aware of the combination of voice, feeling, and technique. The bel canto technique works for all genres. Classical, musical, pop, jazz, and many other styles of music.

Doing what you love. Only then you can work with the most beautiful and powerful energy you have inside you.

Sing with spirit, radiance, and devotion. – Dany Zonewa, opera singer and vocal coach.

Opera Singer & Vocal Coach

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Opera Singer & Vocal Coach

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I am following Josh's vocal classes for some years. He is a fantastic vocal coach and human being. I started when I was still living in Voorburg. Now that I live in another city I still go to him for lessons. Josh works with a system, the bel canto, that shows constant improvement in my singing. He knows exactly where we stopped last time, what went well, and what could be improved. From there he picks it up and sees how much progress we can make in the session. Every time it's better and better. We have a lot of fun. Josh is a vocal coach with a big heart and works with passion, conviction and perseverance. Every year around Christmas we make a cd recording in his recording studio. In this way I can hear how much progress I've made in the year. I think he is awesome and I can recommend to join his vocal classes.

Singing is like working an instrument. It means a lot of rehearsing and studying with a coach who ensures that you continue to grow and that you do not get any unhealthy habits. Josh helps with this and he makes sure it stays fun and challenging. The danger with singing is that controlling the voice does not always make the voice free. Josh helped me to solve that paradox. I've learned that good singing is more then just ratio and techniques, but that it is accompanied by a spectrum of emotions that give the voice a personal message. For me it was a liberation from especially a cramped up jaw. Josh helped me with the skills and the art in a sobering way. Since I have often duo lessons with Josh, I was also often allowed to witness how he tailors his approach to the personal points of interest.

I've known Josh for several years. I found him on the internet. I started as an insecure girl. Josh is a wonderful positive sweet guy who seriously helps you make your singing dreams come true. I've also made some great professional sounding recordings in his studio. During the recording I received positive guidance that helps me to relax and have fun. He hears everything and support me to get the best out of myself. Josh teaches me a technique that has made me sing better. he calls it the bel canto inhalation technique. I also got better at rhythm and timing. He is always so relaxed and passionate and takes his time for you till you get it right. One thing with Josh, he doesn't just let you sing and tell you everything sounds good. He is honest and uplifting and wants to bring out the best in you. I can recommend him to everyone. Thank you Josh for all your patience with me.

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