Dany Zonewa

Dany Zonewa Opera Singer & Vocal Coach

Singing and dancing through life. I am an artist and belong on the stage, I feel at home there. I studied a lot and hard, had very good teachers, and was able to make beautiful music with the best conductors. I have sung many concerts, opera and operette performances and have been able to give fantastic vocal coaching to young talents. I was always happy when I was on stage. The smell of the theater, the music, the applause, working with amazing colleagues – that was my life.

Doing what you love, then, you work with the most beautiful and powerful energy you possess.

Sing with Spirit, Radiance and Devotion. – Dany Zonewa, opera singer – soprano dramatic coloratura & vocal coach

Dany Zonewa – In Mir klinkt ein Lied

A human being has so many possibilities of expression, Dany Zonewa explains during an interview of the Opera magazine that a human being has so many possibilities of expression. Bulgarian by birth, who calls herself  “a theater diva”. After I finished my conservatory education I was connected to the Vienna Volk-Opera house and the theater Gfatnerplatz in Munich. After that I sung in many big opera theaters and did thousands of concerts worldwide. In the Netherlands I contributed 12 years of school concerts and the establishment of the Academy of Stage Performance where I was president and coached students in singing, acting and presentation. In my beautiful villa in Voorburg I taught thousands of students in the art of bel canto.


Singing, Acting, and Visualization technique

Getting people ready to perform, that is what it’s all about. Those who can walk, can also dance; those who can speak, can sing. You have to believe in yourself, and when you believe you can, magic happens. Your thoughts and feelings are very important because they tell your body what to do. First see in your mind what you want to do, and when you see and feel it, let go and sing with conviction and love.

Opera, Concerts, and Newspaper Reviews 

With a perfect and brilliant bel canto technique and witty acting, the Bulgarian soprano Dany Zonewa, who lives in the Netherlands, plays the role of Rita, an opera written by the Italian composer Donizetti.

Dany Zonewa was truly outstanding in this role. Dany Zonewa has a perfect balance of acting skills and a beautiful rich and powerful voice.

Dany Zonewa also performed the role of Desdemona in Otello, La Traviata, Il Trovatore and many other roles. As for the agencies and soloists, they have been particularly fortunate to be able to engage and perform with Dany Zonewa who is increasingly proving to be a front-line force in all performances and roles.

Dany Zonewa sings Aida, an opera of Verdi. Vocally we can call Dany Zonewa “The bel canto star of the Opera.” She is a Diva and can be listed to the greatest opera singers in history.

Ernani, an opera from Verdi. – A perfect Elvira. Dany Zonewa enchants the audience with her bel canto coloratura.

Semiramide. An opera in two acts by Rossini. Outstanding vocal performance. The coloratura aria with the virtuoso passages was perfect. Dany Zonewa demonstrated great vocal skills.

Carmen – Dany Zonewa performed the role of Carmen with great color, passion and temperament. Her acting talent and empathy for the role was very convincing. Her beautiful bel canto voice moved every listener.

Don Pasquale duet. Dany Zonewa Soprano – Garfield Swift Baritone

Il Trovatore duet – Dany Zonewa sprano, Garfield Swift Baritone

Our Father – Onze vader. Dany Zonewa, soprano

Credo – Dany Zonewa, soprano

Lele Warai – Dany Zonewa sopraan – Sonya Kazaska, piano & sopraan

Digri si onome Dany Zonewa, soprano – Sonja Kazaska, piano & soprano

Academy of Stage & Performance – The Haque

The Academy of stage & performance was founded in 1966 by Albert Vogel and Opera singer Dany Zonewa. The Academy offered a general three-year professional education for theater, opera, cabaret, show, dance, musical, presentation and television. It existed until 1976.

Dany Zonewa explains; I have a degree in Stanislavski acting, that means; develop all facets of your talents. This is one of the reasons Albert Vogel and I started the Academy so students can develop all of their talents. We have set up an all-round professional course that contains singing, dancing (ballet and modern dance), theater, and presentation all in one. It also includes personal development and broad development of the personality.



  • Niek Pancras
  • Jan van Kasteren,
  • John Lanting,
  • Steye van Brandenberg,
  • Heiko Kolt,
  • Jan Greve en vele anderen

Dance (Classical, show, jazz, tap dance)

  • Yvonne de Clercq
  • Jose Lewis

Singing & Music

  • Dany Zonewa (directrice)
  • Greet Ribbeling
  • Erica Greve


  • Public speaking
  • Fencing
  • Theater grime

Famous students:

  • Bojoura Cleuver – pop singer (daughter of Dany Zonewa)
  • Monique van de Ven – Actor
  • Renee Soutendijk – Actor
  • Sjoerd Pleijsier – Actor
  • Eva-Maria Westbroek – Opera singer – Soprano