Josh Rainbow

Josh Rainbow - Opera Singer & Vocal Coach

I feel grateful when my students go home with upgrades and a happy feeling. The gratitude I receive from students is food for the soul. Singing is opening your heart and letting the lyrics/words of the song/aria carry your emotions far away. When we open our heart, we feel happier and more whole, more liberated from the everyday routines that seem to rule our lives.

“An hour singing per day, keeps the doctor away. Singing uplift us.”

Helping people to achieve their goals and dreams is my purpose in life. There is nothing more beautiful and exciting than being on stage sharing your passion with the audience. I find my work as a vocal coach extremely inspiring and fascinating. Every person is different and unique and that’s why I believe a coach cannot share his information in the same way to everyone. In order to help a singer to better performance I have to feel the person and understand how they think and feel. I believe that by listening to a person how they experiencing something I am more able to learn more about them and when I know them better, I know how to help them or free them so they can become the best version of themselves they can be. 

“Where are you coming from, and where do you want to go.” 

When a student walks in or I meet them on line, the first thing I do is finding out how they feel. Maybe they had a challenging day or a happy day. Knowing this makes all the difference. It is not only the voice I’m working with, it’s the whole person, that is the instrument. Taking some time to have a chat, drinking a cup of coffee can make all the difference with how the singer is going to perform. Having a positive mindset and feeling excited eliminates a lot of negative barriers.

“Music connects us. It is a Universal connection.”

In 1986 I made my debut as a tenor in the Hofwijk cantatas conducted by Dany Zonewa. In 1987 I started my international singing career as a professional opera singer.   

I started my vocal study with Dany Zonewa at the age of 22. I studied music theory and composition at the music academy in The Haque, under the direction of Maestro Benjamin Ashkenazy.

During my musical education, I followed acting courses in the Netherlands, Bulgaria, and Russia Moscow under the guidance of several famous actors/mentors on the method of Konstantin Stanislavski.

In 1992 I studied and received my degree at the Mozarteum in Salzburg under the direction of the world-famous American mezzo soprano Grace Bumbry.

I worked for 20 years in the choir of the Amsterdam Opera House.

I have sung in many concerts and had opera performances in Italy, Germany, Austria, Swiss, Bulgaria, Russia, USA, Netherlands, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and many other countries.

Operas in which Josh Rainbow has appeared:

  • Rigoletto – Duca – Verdi
  • La Traviata – Alfredo – Verdi
  • Il Trovatore – Manrico – Verdi
  • Requiem – Verdi
  • I Puritani – Arturo – Bellini
  • Norma – Pollione – Bellini
  • Il Pirata – Gualtiero – Bellini
  • Maria Stuarda – Leicester – Donizetti
  • L’elisir d’amore – Nemorino – Donizetti
  • Rita – Donizetti
  • La Boheme – Rodolfo – Puccini
  • Bastien und Bastienne – Mozart
  • Stabat Mater – Rossini
  • Messiah – Handel